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How to choose peptide purity

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1 .Purity >70%, suitable for the following research:

a)Peptide Array and Screening Studies

b)Polyclonal Antibodies

c)Immunogenic Identification

d)Mutation Screening

e)Sequence Optimization

f)ELISA Tests

2. Purity >85%, suitable for the following research:

a)Phosphorylation Studies

b)Non quantitative Enzyme-Substrate Studies

c)Non-quantitative Peptide Blocking Studies for Western blotting and Immunocytochemistry

d)In-vitro Bioassays

e)Epitope Mapping

f)Coupling to Chromatography Resins for Affinity Purifications or coating of tissue culture plates for cell attachment

g)Antibody- Antigen Interaction Studies

h)Antigenic Peptides in Immune Lymphocyte Assays

i)Protein electrophoresis applications

3. Purity >95%, suitable for the following research:

a)SAR studies

b)Quantitative receptor-ligand interactions studies

c)Quantitative blocking and competitive inhibition studies

d)Quantitative phosphorylation studies

e)Quantitative proteolysis studies

f)In vitro bioassays

g)In vitro studies

h)Production of monoclonal antibodies

i)Enzyme-substrate studies (quantitative)

j)ELISA and RIA (quantitative)

4. Purity >98%, suitable for the following research:

a)NMR spectroscopy Studies &Crystallography

b)Clinical Trials & Drug Studies

c)Animal experiments involving peptides, cell culture assays with peptides, transfection, gene delivery

d)Peptides used as reference in final quantitative studies

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