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Melanostatine-5, Nonapeptide-1

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INCI Name :Nonapeptide-1

CAS#: 158563-45-2

Sequence: H-Met-Pro-D-Phe-Arg-D-Trp-Phe-Lys-Pro-Val-NH2

Molecular Formula: C61H87N15O9S

MW: 1206.52

Appearance:white powder


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Certificate of Analysis :Nonapeptide-1 220627-COS023.pdfNonapeptide-1 220627-COS023.pdf

Application: Nonapeptide-1 prevents melanin synthesis by preventing the activation of tyrosinase. and skin lightening or spot correcting creams or powder foundations.



Nonapeptide-1 is a skin lightening peptide, derived from the melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH). Nonapeptide-1 prevents the activity of tyrosine in the melanocytes, melanin synthesis inhibition and helps to even out your skin tone by lessening hyper-pigmentation. This process reduces the formation of unwanted pigmentation, allowing for the control over skin tone and brown spots. Nonapeptide-1 can be applied to various kinds of whitening or spot corrective products.

Definition and Structure:

Nonapeptide-1 (CAS No. 158563-45-2; also known as Melanostatine-5) is defined as a peptide with nine amino acids sequence: H-Met-Pro-D-Phe-Arg-D-Trp-Phe-Lys-Pro-Val-NH2.This synthetic nonapeptide containing Methionine, proline, Phenylalanine Arginine, Valine, lysine and Tryptophan.

Method of Manufacture:

Nonapeptide-1 (Melanostatine-5) is manufactured by classic solid-phase peptide synthesis(SPPS) . This ingredient is completely synthesized in the laboratory and no excipients, preservatives, or antioxidants are used during the manufacturing process.

Use in Cosmetic:

Initially, Nonapeptide-1 (Melanostatine-5) was created for its antibacterial properties, but further investigations showed that it was a potent inhibitor of melanin synthesis. Nonapeptide-1 is a selective antagonist of α-MSH (Aplha Melanocyte Stimulating Horome). α-MSH binds to the MC1-Receptor to activate the melanocyte to produce melanin. Nonapeptide-1 (Melanostatine-5) is a competitive α-MSH antagonist that potently inhibits intracellular cAMP and melanosome dispersion induced by α-MSH in melanocytes. High levels of melanin cause increasing skin pigmentation. As nonapeptide-1 (Melanostatine-5) has a high affinity to the MC1-R it competes with α-MSH to bind to the receptor and blocks it preventing further production of tyrosinase and therefore preventing the synthesis of melanin. Nonapeptide-1(Melanostatine-5) not only inhibits the hyper-stimulation of melanin by 33% through blocking the α-MSH, it also helps in the reversing of hyper-pigmentation. The activation of the melanocytes is also seen through structural modifications of the cell, where cells are more spread out and dendritic as well as DOPA positive (3,4 dihydroxy phenylalanine, a phenol that in alkaline solution oxidises upon air contact to form black substance like melanin). By combining nonapeptide-1 and α-MSH in a cell culture, melanocytes are only weakly DOPA positive and less spread out when comparing them to the stimulated cells. Nonapeptide-1 is  a melanin production inhibitor that inhibits tyrosinase’s activity. The enzyme tyrosinase is responsible for the formation of melanin in melanocytes, which are specialized cells. Tyrosinase inhibitors hinder melanocytes from generating pigment. Animal studies have shown that nonapeptide-1, a tyrosinase inhibitor, may help remove dark spots caused by the sun and other disorders by reducing skin pigment synthesis.

  In this case ,nonapeptide-1 is additive as whitening and radiance-promoting ingredient in the world of cosmetics .It completely blocks receptor entry, reduces melanocyte activity, and helps to stabilize and brighten skin.

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